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                                                              AK HAND GUARD GUIDE


Solo and ION or the two types of AK hand guards. The are the same ID/OD just a different shape.


EXT Type (Extended Handguards) are only in the ION type, and are in the EXT dropdown in the AK Handguard section of the Website. 

EXT Handguards must use SLR Rifleworks Linear Comps or Linear Comps/ Suppressors that are 1.25" OD or under.

EXT Handguards are made for very specific types of AKs. The EXT section will list which AK type it is compatible with.

EXT Handguards are not yet available for 16" AK rifles (late 2019 tentatively).



Generally on AK rifles the 13.5" handguards will end at front of front sight (16" barrel)

Generally on AK rifles the 11.5" handguards will end up between gas block and front sight

(14.5" AK's will use 11.5" handguards (handguard will end a front of front sight)

Generally on AK rifles the 10.5" handguards will end at front of gas block (standard length gas system)


Lite handguards have no picatinny rails, just MLOK or Keymod full length sides and bottom

Mid handguards have built in picatinny up front left and right with MLOK or Keymod behind rails and full MLOK or Keymod on bottom

"A"version handguards have cut out for sling loop at hg retainer 

"B" version handguards have cut out for sling loop at gas block (Chinese,C39 rifle, RAS 47 rifle)

"S" version handguards have no cut out for sling loops but still have relief for retainer in standard location

"M70" version handguards are only for M70 and M70 variants

REMOVING the sling loop off your AK's stock hand guard retainer will allow the use of "S" version hg's   (M70 types will need to remove the entire retainer)


SLR AK handguards under 9" generally don't use the A, B or S designations 



The AK handguards  require a mount to be selected during checkout (except Yugo/ Zastava are default included)

Mount types for each AK variation are listed in each hand guard listing

Sharps AK receivers use Mod 3 mounts on the Solo hand guards and the Sharps mount on Ion AK hand guards



All AK handguards can be used with stock gas tube. 

SLR Railed Gas Tubes are an option at check out, they must be used with SLR handguards 

Most 16" AKs use our Full Length railed gas tube 

(Vepr AKs and M70 AKs use their own type and we have options for those)




Sometimes there are odd combos of mounts and gas tubes that are not listed together with certain hand guard lengths.  These combinations can be ordered by phone.


The list below is updated regularly so if your specific AK is not listed please email us at Sales@slrrifleworks and we can help you determine what combination of HG, Mount and gas tube can be used.


Micro Draco pistols and Century C39 Micro pistols use the AK 3.7" Handguards (pick the proper mount in the handguard listing)

Micro AKs do not have a gas tube so there is no gas tube option

Micro Dracos use the 4.7" EXT Handguard and 14mm Linear Comp


Mini Draco pistols can use either the AK 5" or 5.4" Handguards. The 5" handguard will end flush with the front of the FSB. The 5.4" HG will cover about 1/2 of the muzzle threads. 

Mini Draco will use the SLR Mini Draco gas tube and Mod 1 mount

Mini Dracos use the 6.5" EXT handguard and 14mm Linear Comp


Draco Full size pistols use the AK 9" "A" version handguards , Mod 1 mount and SLR Draco gas tube

Draco Full-size pistols will use the 10.4" EXT handguard and 14 mm Linear Comp


NAK9 Pistols uses the AK ION 7.5" Lite M-LOK Handguard

The 7.5" handguard ends about even with the front of the FSB

The sling loop will need to be removed because it ends so close to the front of the handguard. If we kept the loop it protrudes right where your hand would rest and eliminates the use of rail panels on one side

The entire retainer can be removed but it's only necessary to remove the loop portion.

Choose Mod 1 mount for NAK9

Choose NAK9 railed gas tube option for the NAK9 (not required)

The NAK9 uses the 8.75" EXT Handguard


M92 / M85 pistols use three handguard lengths. (6.7" is by far the most popular)

AK 5.4" handguards are direct drop in no mod required 

AK 6.7" handguards will require hand guard retainer removal (retainer on these are larger than AKM types and are actually larger OD than our hg's) . AK 6.7' hg's stop just short of sling loop on M92

AK 7.1' handguards require retainer removal and slight trimming of sling loop on FSB. 7.1 HG's go all the way to the front of the FSB.

AK 7.1" handguards are the preferred choice for M85 pistols

Choose the SLR M92 gas tube option if you want the railed gas tube.

Choose the SLR M85 gas tube if using a M85

Choose Mod 5 mount for Yugo rifles

M92 uses the 8.6" EXT handguard

M85 can use the 9" EXT handguard, but must be ordered over the phone to get the correct mount and gas tube options


M70 Rifles and M70 variants

M70 rifles use the default Yugo mount therefore no mount selection is required 

M70 rifles use specific handguards that end in "M70"

M70 rifles use the SLR M70 railed gas tube


Century C39/RAS47 pistols use the AK 7.75" handguard. Choose the Mod 2 mount and SLR C39 10.6 railed gas tube options

Century C39 Rifles and RAS 47 rifles use "B" version 10.5" to 13.5" handguards , Mod 2 mounts and SLR Full length railed gas tubes

C39s use the 9.4" EXT handguard


Polish AK rifles use "A" version handguards in AK 10.5", 11.5" , 13.5'  lengths, Mod 1 mount and Full Length railed gas tubes

Polish Lynx Pistols use AK 7.75" handguards, Mod 1 mounts and SLR Lynx railed gas tubes


Arsenal / KVAR AKs

Arsenal / KVAR Stamped receivers use the Mod 1 mount

Arsenal Milled Receivers use the Mod 3 mount

Arsenal / KVAR rifles use "A" version 10.5" , 11.5" , 13.5' hand guards and SLR Full Length railed gas tubes


Arsenal SLR106/7 CR Types

We have two specific handguards for the CR types. 

The CRs use our full length railed gas tubes (not required)

The CRs use the Mod 2 mounts

The CRs use the 11.2" EXT handguard with the 24mm Linear Comp


Arsenal /KVAR Krink Type such as SLR107 Krink Types, SAM7K-01, 04, 44, UR, SFK, 104UR, 106UR use 2 lengths of AK handguards 

AK 4.12" handguards are a direct drop in, no mods required 

AK 5.4" handguards require retainer removal. Handguards have relief to clear sling loop.

Krink Type AKs use our SLR SAM7K railed gas tube (not required)

Krink Type AKs use Mod 1 mount for stamped receivers

Krink Type AKs use Mod 3 mount for milled receivers

Krink Type AKs use our 6.9" EXT handguards with 24mm Linear Comp


AMD65 Rifles/ Pistols

Use Mod 1 mounts and SLR AMD65 railed gas tube

Handguards lengths can vary

Please call or email and we can help select hg for your application


DD/IO AK Rifles

Mod 1 mounts and SLR Full length railed gas tubes

AK 10.5", 11.5", 13.5" "A" version hand guards


Rifle Dynamics Rifles and Pistols

Mod 1 mounts on stamped receivers

Mod 3 mounts on RD Sharps receiver with AK Solo handguards

Sharps Mount on RD Sharps receiver with AK Ion handguards

Generally SLR Full Length railed gas tubes on RD rifles

10.5", 11.5", 13.5""A" version handguards if hand guard retainer sling loop is used

10.5", 11.5" , 13.5" "S" version handguards if no retainer or sling loop removed 

Some Rifle Dynamics AK pistols use AMD65 length gas systems (shorter than standard AKM pistons)

Rifle Dynamics RD 704 AKs use the 10.4" EXT handguards


PSA AK Rifles

MOD 1 mount

SLR Full Length railed gas tube

10.5", 11.5", 13.5" "A" version hand guards


PSA AK-P and AK-V 

Both the AK-P and the AK-V use the same handguards, mounts and railed gas tubes

The AK-P and the AK-V use the AK ION 7.5" handguard

The AK-P and the AK-V use the 9" EXT handguard

Choose MOD 1 mounts for AK-P and the AK-V

Choose the AK-P/V railed gas tube (not required)


VEPR Rifles 

10.5", 11.5", 13.5" "S" version hand guards 

Newer FM MOLOT VEPRs require removal of hand guard retainer as its larger OD than our hand guard

Choose Mod 4 mount for VEPR

Choose SLR VEPR railed gas tubes for VEPR

Choose SLR VEPR 2M railed gas tubes for FM MOLOT VEPR


SAIGA Rifles

10.5", 11.5", 13.5" "S" version handguards

Mod 1 mount

SLR Full Length railed gas tube


WASR Rifles

10.5", 11.5", 13.5" "A" version handguards

Mod 1 mount

SLR Full Length railed gas tube

Very rare instances there will be a WASR AK with a gas system that is 1/8'' shorter than the standard gas system 

We have WASR railed gas tubes available if the full length tube is too long. It is very rare and we do not recommend the WASR tube option unless a Full Length  tube has been tried first.


Atlantic M10 Pro DIY 

Mod 1 Mount

Choose "A" Version handguards 10.5" - 13.5" 

Choose SLR Full Length Railed Gas Tube


Atlantic/ Sharps MB47 Builder Kit 

AK Solo handguards use MOD 3 mount

AK ION handguards use Sharps mount

Choose "A" Version handguards 10.5" - 13.5" 

Choose SLR Full Length Railed Gas Tube


Kalashnikov KR-9 and KP-9

We have specific handguards for the 9mm KP-9 and the KR-9

The KR-9 and KP-9 use the AK ION 7.1" Lite M-LOK "A" handguard

Choose K9 AK mount

Choose K9 Railed Gas Tube (not required)


Chinese AKs (MAC90s and Norinco)

Chinese AKs use "B" Version handguards, which have the cut-out in the handguard for the gas block sling loop

You can also use "S" Version handguards with no sling loop cut-out if you remove or have removed sling loop on gas block

Chinese AKs use Mod 2 mount

Chinese AKs use SLR Full Length Railed Gas Tube








ION /HELIX AR15 use the same raw extrusion


ION / Helix 308(AR10) use the same raw extrusion