AK ION 14.7” Lite MLOK EXT-S (For 16.0" Barrel AK's)

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AK ION 14.7” Lite MLOK EXT-S (For 16.0" Barrel AK's)

FOR 16.0" Barrel AK's only.

NOTE: This handguard does not have a cut out for a sling loop

(16.25" to 16.5" Barrel AK's will use our 15.2" EXT Handguard)


This Handguard must use our  Linear Comp. Most AK's of this barrel length use 14mm thread.

Be sure to check your muzzle thread type before ordering Liner Comp. We have a few thread types available.


  • Extended Type with front plate over linear comp
  • 7075 Billet Aluminum
  • 4 QD swivel sockets
  • MLOK both sides and bottom
  • Black Hardcoat Anodize

Choose Mod 1 Mount for:

  • Romanian (Draco)
  • Polish
  • Siaga
  • WASR
  • AMD 65
  • Arsenal stamped
  • Bulgarian
  • KVAR
  • Rifle Dynamics Stamped
  • Most Stamped Receivers

   Choose Mod 2 Mount for:

  • Century Milled (C39V2) Rifle
  • Norinco Rifle
  • RAS 47 Rifle

   Choose Mod 3 Mount for:

  • Arsenal Milled Receivers

 Choose SHARPS Mount for Sharps Receiver

Choose Mod 4 Mount for:

  • VEPR

Note- New version MOLOT VEPR AK's with large HG retainer will have to remover retainer to use HG. OEM retainer will not fit inside HG.

Note- New Version MOLOT VEPR AK's use our VEPR2 railed gas tube. Older VEPR AK's (non MOLOT) use our VEPR railed gas tube.


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